Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Los Angeles Day 3

Dated: 13/8/2007


After having a whole day of fun at the Universal Studio, we returned again the next day to continue exploring the rest of the theme park. Descending downwards the long escalator, we arrived into the ancient heartlands of the Egyptian mummies.After riding the Egyptian coaster, Pok, YL and mds went for a high thrill water coaster ride, which I insist not going on to prevent myself getting wet~ =P

Besides the mummies, I am.. erm... also hunted by a vampire!! Someone show him the cross!!
A last look at the Universal Studio before we departed the park for good.

How the USA cinema is like. Big right?
Before returning to our hotel for the night, we decided to take a ride into the hearts of Hollywood, where the walk of fame is to have a tour around, seeking potential places that we can go tomorrow the first thing in the morning~

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