Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Magical Kingdom Continued

After watching the performance in the main square, we proceed to explore some of the souvenir shops lining along the pavement.
In Magical Kingdom, at fixed hours of the day, there will be a parade of the Disney's cartoon characters. They are some sort like the Chingay parade you get in Singapore, except that they are more beautiful and more decorative with their cars.
Pinocchio and his carpenter dad~
The princess and her prince~
Tigger and Pooh again~ (I think Disney really likes them)
Display of Toy Story pictures with the help of UV lights
If you ever go to Magical Kingdom, it is a must to watch their spectacular display of fireworks right before the park closes for the day. Trust me, you will be feeling like you are living in a fantasy land, awed by the different arrays and combination of fireworks you can think of, in addition to the blasting of the background music, all pieced and choreographed together to become a story! Amazing isn't it?
The story begins with the Disney's 招牌 logo~

It is a pity that I did not film the entire firework display down as my camera did not have enough space that night. It is really a beautiful night worth remembering~
After the firework display is over, we hang around the park for about 1/2 hour to see another chingay parade, this time with the lights on the cars themselves.

Stop scaring the children, you big mean bad wolf!

With sad hearts, we left Magical Kingdom to proceed back to our hotel rooms as it was getting very late, wishing that someday, we will return to live the dream once all over again~

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