Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taiwan Day 1

Dated: 17/8/2007


After a boring 13 hours flight from Los Angeles, of which I managed to finish watching 2 movies (._.)! we finally arrive at Taibei! Haha, at long last, we can stretch our stiff legs and get off the plane to do some exercise~*yeah*

. See, Taiwan welcomes us! (or actually, it is the money that we will bring to its economy~)

Rosemerry Hotel - which was unexpectedly posh for the price we pay. We actually had a Jacuzzi to our room! However, amidst all the fun and joy we had, I am struck with some mis-fortune during our travelling. Ever since I got down from the Los Angeles airport, my luggage handle broke on me. When I came down from 桃园国际机场, my luggage leg broke on me! I was like WT*?? How am I going to drag my heavy luggage all the way to the hotel? However, I believe 有志者事竟成, I shall endure.....
The State of my poor luggage
The broken handle
The broken leg
The broken zip
The broken stand
In another words, my luggage was totally utterly cui~
Some interesting discovery, they actually had a quota on the maximum number of people allowed in a building.
Their Metro system, which was very impressive and efficient, just like Singapore!

In memory of 二二八事件

Ever wonder why all these shops are all taped up? nope, they are not doing a renovation. Haha, you will know the answer in my next post~ :)
Want some coffin?? :P

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