Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Los Angeles Day 2

Dated: 12/8/2007

After resting our tried body at the hotel, we are up and ready the next morning to go to Universal Studio. First of all, not forgetting our all important all-Day-Pass that allows us unlimited rides on the Metro buses and rails!!

The shops before the studio
The 招牌!
First stop: House of Horrors
Look at Chucky, isn't he adorable?? :P
Stop frightening me can???
Out of the way!! I am going to kill some machines!!
Live performances by professional actors

Trust me, these fire and stuns are real~!
Wait for 40 minutes?? On la!! Lets queue up the Singaporean way~
A scenic view of Los Angeles
A reproduction of how floods are being set up and filmed.
The setup of a collapsing building using machines controlled functions
Wonder where the budgets of the movies are spend?
Well, for once we know they bought a real plane when they want to shoot an air disaster.
Afternoon view of Los Angeles baking in the sun
An evening view of the Universal Studio.
Beautiful lights brightening up the shops

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