Monday, November 26, 2007

ESE 3401 Wastewater Engineering

Got off on a bad start this morning. Though I make sure that I was early to leave my house, this time round, it was the SBS bus 96 that cause me to be late for exam. Imagine being stuck in the early morning traffic, but the bus driver did not even know how to do overtaking!! In the end, I have the pleasure of seeing another bus 96 behind me zooming past my bus.... *Grr*
The difficulty of the paper did not help me either. Miss out on a 14 marks question when I should know how to do it, but on a good side, I managed a 15 marks question that half the class did not even attempted. Hmm, hope this time, my little advantage will be able to propel me to a B. I wish to strangle the lecturer for setting such a difficult question. How should I start to answer the question anyway??
Prospective: B-/B

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