Saturday, November 24, 2007


Finally, after waiting for 18 days (I joined on 5/11/07), I finally receive this in my Email!! (The trial period is at least 7 - 14 days)
An advertiser has chosen to advertise on Kangaroo's Corner.
The advertisement details are as follows:
motolora Q SS week2
Week(s):25 Nov 2007 to 01 Dec 2007
What is so special about Nuffnang? Well, it is a company who helps blogger like us generate some form of side income by looking for companies to advertise on our blog. The money generated is on a per impression of unique visitor basis. Basically, that means if a person view your blog with the advertisement on, it is accounted for and Nuffnang will pay you for it. No need to wait for someone to click on the advertisements like Google Adsense, so that means more easier to earn money!! *lol* I am not sure how much you will generate from the advertisement though, I shall see how it goes after the campaign finish. The citeria of enrolling in the program is not much. All you need is to ensure that your blog has at least 20 unique visitors a day, that's all. Registration is free, of course. A really good idea, I should say~

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