Monday, November 19, 2007

Move aside Pastamania, here comes Pasta Fusion!!

Went with *mds* to Bugis for shopping last Saturday. When we are looking around Bugis Junction for a place to eat our lunch, we chance upon this stall, Pasta Fusion, located in the Food Junction on Level 3. Seeing that its menu and the food it serve is appetizing, we decided to give the stall a try. Boy, oh boy, I really did not regret it. For the price we get, its standard is already much better than Pastamania, and not to forget, much cheaper too, for it did not include any 10% service charge. For a start, you should try its spicy chicken arrabiata, which cost only $6.80!! This is a sample of the food that we ordered:
. Spicy chicken on the left and Carbonara and ham on the right
The stall, highly recommended!

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