Monday, November 19, 2007

Latest Sunshine Empire news

Amazing, amazing, the signs are there, yet people still refuse to believe what has been reported. They still held a firm belief in Sunshine Empire. Here is a minimise newspaper clipping from The New Paper published on 19 November 2007:
THE affairs of some companies linked to Sunshine Empire have come under the spotlight again, this time in Taiwan. An 'affiliated company' of Sunshine Empire, Empire Communications Technology (Emcom), has claimed on its website that it plans to invest more than $20million in a broadband project there. The company, whose registered office is at the Toa Payoh Hub, has 'invested heavily into Taiwan' to build 'a seamless wireless broadband that will cover more than 95 per cent of the city of Taichung'. It claimed that the project will be completed by the end of this year. However, a check with the Information Management Section of the Department of Planning of the Taichung City Government showed no evidence of this. Ms Huang Hui-Ming, chief of the section, told The New Paper on Sunday that Emcom does not have any partnership with the Taichung City government. She said the company had never contacted its department regarding the broadband project. Ms Huang noted that while it is true that the city's government plans to build a wireless Internet network, it is part of a project proposed by the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs. And this government-initiated project is being handled by Asia Pacific Telecom Group (APTG). Ms Huang said: 'After contacting APTG about Emcom, we understand that EmCom is not involved in the government-funded M-Taichung project. (So, what exactly is EmCom doing in Taiwan??)
Empire Property Venture, is supposedly involved in, including a Malacca Empire Marine Theme Park and A Magic Kingdom theme park in Sabah. The authorities in Malacca and Sabah had earlier told The New Paper on Sunday that they have no information on the existence of these projects. When contacted, the Mayor of the Malacca City Council, Datuk Zaini Md Nor, said that to date, they had not received any proposals for such a theme park there. He added that he had received an application in August for the approval of a plan by Empire Property Venture to build a commercial and residential building of 510 units on 0.87 ha of land (slightly larger than a football field). But this project has not been approved. (No such projects have taken place, no showrooms available, and yet they are marketing it, all sold to their own members. Don't you find it fishy? For all you know, these are all just words said by Sunshine Empire?)
She also said there were units available for a higher-end project in Kuala Lumpur called the Empire State Tower. However, a check with the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur revealed that no such project is in the works at present. A spokesman said: 'City Hall Kuala Lumpur has not received any application for a property to be developed at Jalan Tun Razak called the Empire State Tower.' (No application have been processed, and (if) they are already building it, its illegal.)

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