Thursday, November 01, 2007

Week long lab

To do a lab, first of all, we need the samples. Luckily, we do not need to collect them ourselves. We had our friendly lab assistant to do the run for us~ *heng ah* That day I remember rain like crazy leh~ poor assistant~ =)
. Drain water sample
Pond water sample
Seawater sample
After getting the samples, its time to start growing bacterias and fungi!! Haha, you will be amazed by how polluted our NUS library is~ Think next time, I better minimise going into the library. Its full of microbes la!!
Growing fungi and bacteria at 35 degree, their optimum temperature growth
Look at the dishes of microbes!! They are indeed interesting~ Some of them have weird growth, like the one below:
Blackish growth separated into 4 equal parts by 2 lines. They know mathematics?? How did they know to divide equally among themselves??
Some of them will grow into thread-like structures
And some of them just grow into mountains!!
The whole lab lasted one week. Basically, we went to the lab every single day to finish some parts of the experiments~! Well done!! 2 lab reports to complete. *faint*

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