Saturday, November 17, 2007

Want to get paid for reading advertisment? EmailCashPro

All right guys, today I shall recommend another website / way that you can earn some more extra cash. *drum rolls* Introducing EmailCashPro!! Basically, this programme works by asking you what areas of advertisment will you be interested in, then when such advertisement are available, they will send a link to your email. You get paid by reading (or just letting the window stay open) for 30 seconds to let your account be credited and paid. Don't worry, they will not spam your email with advertisments. After giving the website 3 weeks of try-out period, they have only sent me like 12 advertisements, all targeted in the home business or investment area (hint). Each advertisment let you get paid with a minimum 0.006 cents, and the cash out minimum limit is set at $11 ($1 adminstrative charges).
You might be wondering: Wa, like that I need to read how many advertisments to cash out my $10? Don't worry, this website also have a referral scheme, where you also get to earn a partial amount of cash that your referral gets, up to 5 levels of referrals. So if you manage to refer to around 50 people, you just might be able to get $10 every month from them. I know this is not much but who will mind the extra cash? The company is based in Singapore and cheques are sent to the Malaysians and Singaporeans if they met the cash out limit. For Internationals, they can be paid via paypal. So if you are interested, click here to find out more.

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