Friday, November 23, 2007


ESE 3401
Wastewater Engineering, the most chimmest module and the most equations that are taught in this semester. Oh well, I have done up the cheat sheet yesterday after finishing my revision. Not really confident for it, after looking through my CA grades. Lab report was ok, flunk the mini project, flunk the first quiz, but do well for the second, and the 4 graded assignments, I guess I am just a bit below mean. Prospective : B-/B
ESE 3201
Air Quality Engineering. Interesting way to conduct the CA test having drawn inspirations from the Taiwan variety show?? After the ordeal, it leaves our brain dead for the day and hearts pounding hard against the chest. The assignments that she gave are killer questions, and if they come out for exmas..... :x *gasp* Ok, the group I was in the test performed average and I say that we did quite well for the project bidding part. As of now, I have revise through about 70% of module. Prospective: B/B+
ESE 3301
Microbiology. The subject I hate the most after the trauma experienced from LSM 1401, which gave me a very good C+ *faint*, courtesy from the Chemical Engineering people, who are all god-like people. It just leaves normal peasants like me to be owned by them, right? Ok, haven't got back all the CA components yet, but the quiz I did after the term break was quite average. A potential killer paper as the area covered is very big. From 20++ presentations, 5++ video clips, 300++ pages of textbook to eat and the things he said during the lecture, how not to die for the exam? Hmm, I shall see how it goes from here. Prepared: 20% of module. Prospective: B/B+
SC 1101E
Making sense of society, of which, I certainly don't make too many sense of the module after listening to its lecture for the whole semester. The tutorials was fun and I think I am going to spot topics for the finals since I most likely will not have the time to finish all the readings. (looking at the thick wack of papers, I suddenly feel like burning them off instead). Ok, I did pretty average for the test and the term paper. Prepared?? Nope, 0% revised so far. Prospective: B
ESE 3101
Solid hazardous management. The lecturer was pretty fun and amusingly talkative, but I kept missing her lectures!! Why?? Who ask the school to put her lecture at 9am first thing in the morning? It sure does not seem attractive for a poor chap staying in the far far east. So far, I have no idea how I will fare for this module as there was no marks or whatever for me to gage in the first place. Well, since this paper will only be tested in the second week, I guess I will leave it till after my Sociology paper... Oh well... *lol* Prospective: B
Hope this time round, I will not be seeing any Cs.....

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