Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free day = Horrible day

Today is supposed to be my free day, where I should have time to do the things I like, such as taking some time off from the school work, go Orchard and watch some movie, chill out...... and if my budget allows, maybe eat some restaurant food to pamper myself and mds. That is how most of us would like to spend our free day right? Wait... Please rewind everything, because that was not how my free day was spent!! Why?? All thanks to our lab assistant, who give us an ultra large bomb, leaving us to clean up the mess. Take a look how I spent my FREE day:
After 5.5 hours of sleep....
0830 - 1345 Spent doing my Air Report 1. Air Report 1 done.
1345 - 1430 Lunch
1430 - 1515 Stoning away, mind is a blank, wanting to stay away from my computer as far as possible.
1515 - 1630 Commencement of Air Report 2.
1630 - 1700 Cannot take it anymore, went for a short nap.
1700 - 1730 Went to buy my own dinner.
1730 - 1830 More on Air Report 2.
1830 - 1915 Dinner.
1915 - 2100 Air Report 2 done.
Total time spent: 9H 15 M
Total time resting: 1H 15 M
Did I say I still got 1 more Microbiology Report and 1 more cutting edge write up to go??
I feel sooo tired.

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