Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am tagged! o_O :)

Retro was the theme for yesterday K session. So much familiar song, all the way from my mum's era, to our teenage era, to now~ *lol* Sing until we went high. That reminds me, its also my first time singing English songs in K box. *lol* Lets see a run down of songs that we sang which I can still remember.. Hmmm...
Mum's era (the classics)
Teenage era (the memories)
Only Love
Eyes on me
Heal the world
A whole new world
Hmm, from the Chinese era, to where the English boy bands rules and back to Chinese again huh~! Haha.
We had a long long walk down in town to enjoy the Christmas lighting. All the way from Paragon, to Centerpoint, down to Plaza Singapura, to One Fullerton and finally the Esplanade! A long walk indeed. For more information, you can visit TL's blog or YL's blog. Haha
Wa.. being tagged by Currytan. Okok well, here it is.....
3 Best Stalls in NUS Canteens
1) List three stalls (in no particular order) in NUS canteens that you like the most.
2) Explain briefly your choice for each.
3) Tag three people (NUS students and staff).
4) Link back to the person who tagged you so that backlinks/trackbacks will appear.
1st choice: Yong Tau Foo stall in Arts Canteen
Long queues can always be seen during the peek period, up to the point that sometimes the queue can be stretched to 3 stalls long. That speaks volume about the "tastiness" of the food. Highlight will be its laksa gravy. Simply Serdap~!
2nd choice: Indonesian Food stall at Engine canteen
Though the queue always seems short, but that doesn't mean that its food is not good to eat. The main reason is that the stall people are super efficient, they clear orders within 5 minutes of waiting! So that tell us, 看东西不能只看表面。。。*lol* Highlight of the stall will be grilled chicken and spicy lemon grass chicken, topped over with a generous curry gravy. Woot~ Its grilled chicken are the biggest I have seen so far. Haha
3rd choice: Western Food stall at Business canteen
Best western I have tasted so far. Its chicken are marinated, which gives them the extra edge. The portions they gave are generous as well. On top of that, you have a great variety of food to choose from.
Muggerhood (MgH)
Yup, that's all. Think I better go and prepare myself for work now~ Haha.


JH said...

Wahaha Kang Rui arh, my nick spell wrong liao sia. Hehe.

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opps paiseh typo error, Haha rushing off to work, didn't really check the spelling..Hehe :P